Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March Madness Division street

March Madness isn't just for those sporty basketball players it's going to be that season for us girls who love nothing better then shopping and sales, Saturday, March 24th and March 25th on Division Street. The boutique Frill is teaming up with Brynn Capella. For two days only get 20% off our signature handbag collection! Be sure to stop by and check us out!

Where: 1747 W Division (between Wood St & Hermitage Ave) 
Neighborhood: Ukrainian Village

Saturday - 11:00a - 6:00p   
Sunday - 12:00p - 5:00p

Twitter Truths

The Truth about Social Media and Twitter.

In this day and age, our society is constantly in sync to the internet, & usually on trendy social media sites. Whether they're staying connected through mobile or PC, these media sites are currently springing up all over the place. New sites for different interests are also getting noticed, like instagram; a photo app only designated for iPhones users. If you have interest for fashion, another site getting a lot of heat from the fashionistas and for the artsy & crafty are looking to get inspired on Pinterest. Which btw happens to be one of Brynn's favorites! And of course you have your typical sites, like Facebook, Tumblr, Myspace, Blogger and of course, Twitter.

Twitter discovered by Jack Dorsey, was created in March 2006 but wasn't launched til July. Over 300 million users are on it and many include fashion designers such as Calvin Klein, Banana Republic, Coach, Dior, DKNY and our very own Brynn Capella to name a few. They are getting their fashion spread across the world with their tweets about fun, fashion and gives us the little inside scoop on whats up, hip and hot. Be sure to follow Brynn Capella our star designer! on twitter who's tweeting about sassy bag styles & current updates on her must have bags.

Friday, March 16, 2012

I am a Lucky Girl!

Saint Patty’s day is tomorrow, and I am so excited for my first time in Chicago over this holiday.  I heard there’s a lot of drinking starting at 7am and something about a green river?  Sounds like a good time to me!

I am feeling so lucky this season with everything that I have in my life, and I couldn’t help but think about all of the good things that have happened to me while in the spirit of Saint Patrick’s Day – you know, with the whole luck thing.  Now I have never come across a pot of gold or met a giddy leprechaun; however, I have come across a city that I can call home and I have met so many new friends along the way.

My newfound luck in the windy city makes me feel it is like my duty to celebrate tomorrow and show off my Irish pride (even if I’m totally not Irish at all) by spending it with friends. Whilst I am out on the town, which Brynn Capella bag do you think I should carry with me?....and it has to be green of course!
 The bright Grace Kelly Heather?  Or go a little more subtle with the Moss Creek Lauren?

What are you doing for Saint Patty’s day?

Joys of Production

Since working with Brynn I will never look at handbags the same........

Fabric Rolls

Bins of Hardware
Every trip to the contractors is an adventure. We must have reorganized the fabric in the backroom a dozen times. It has all been a great learning experience. Now that we are going into production I  realize how important it is to keep an organized environment, not only for us but for the contractors too, and sometimes it takes more than one trip.

Another  way that  we organize the back room is bins. Since we use so much hardware we separate by bag and size. There are so many different sizes and colors that we have to make it easy to keep track. Now when doing inventory for hardware be ready for what seams like endless counting.

Hides of Leather

 Of course the signature look is leather. When getting the leather together we make sure that it is quality. One thing I do not like is when we get all the leather in, it stinks! The smell of leather is not very pleasant when it is all in one designated area. The best part is knowing everything is ordered and ready for production.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring is Almost Here

As the warm weather approaches, so do the new spring and summer bags. So that means it's time for Inventory day for the girls at Brynn Capella Inc.

Last Friday came and went so fast. It's actually amazing how many handbag bins fit in the office closet! After we took all the bins out, the main area was filled wall to wall with bags from season's past. It was fun seeing how much the line has evolved over the years. There were even some bags that we didn't realize were still in stock, as they aren't online anywhere. (I smell a new task a brewing.)

The morning was filled with counting every single bag and double checking our main inventory counts. After our quick Pizza lunch break, Brynn decided to have a fun session of researching names for the 70's inspired Fall 2012 Collection. From researching slang words (That's Dope, To The Max, Chill, Groovy, Foxy Mama), fashion trends (Bell Bottoms, Hot Pants, Menswear inspired) and popular movies (Annie Hall) and songs (Imagine, Heart of Glass, Brown Eyed Girl), we finally narrowed down our selections. Now besides Spring/Summer, I can't wait to see Fall too.

Lastly, we re-organizing the bins and shelves to make room for the new bags arriving soon.
I'm sure nothing will bring as much excitement to the intern girls once the new spring bags arrive! Fun bright colors to brighten the office, so as the days get warmer the anxiety grows!

Outfit Update!

So, I was browsing some local boutiques, and one of my new favorites has to be Comfort Me on Armitage.  When you walk in, you are instantly captured by the wonderful scent of homemade soaps.  After I bring myself back to reality and away from paradise, my eyes can take the rest of the store in. 
All of their merchandise is displayed in a very artful way.  As I glanced at the accessory table, I realized the table was actually a glass, fish tank made into a table.  How unique is that!

And then I saw it.  A super cute, spring dress that I have to have!  I can imagine it with this gorgeous necklace I found at Cerato boutique (another great boutique on Southport!) paired with nude wedges. 

“Mom!  Easter is approaching, and I am pretty sure they promote buying eclectic dresses for your daughters!”  : )

And don’t forget, you need a great handbag to go with this outfit.  My choice – the Sophie in the Grace Kelley color.  Perfect match!

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Truth About Pinterest

FACT: Over the past three months I have spent more time on Pinterest than I have on my homework.

FACT: I’m not the only one who’s been sucked in. Brynn’s guilty too.

FACT: Pinterest > Facebook (I may be biased). 

Hello world.

My name’s Allison, and I’m the PR intern at Brynn Capella, Inc.  I thought that my first blog post should involve something that’s on my mind, in my work, and filling up my free time—Pinterest.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the website, it’s a social media mood board that lets you “pin” everything from your favorite fashions to the latest online meme.  Since January, I have been overloading my mood boards with runway ensembles and blogger photos, and working with Brynn to help build her own Pinterest presence.   

My questions for you: Are you on Pinterest?  What are YOU posting on your mood boards?

Talk to you soon! Oh, and check this out: Brynn's Pinterest Profile .



Friday, March 2, 2012

Old Money Vs. New Money

 Glamour, Sophistication, and long cigarettes – basics from the roaring 20’s.  And what better representation of this lifestyle, but The Great Gatsby.  It’s so influential that designers are reaching for a taste through their choice in silhouettes, silk fabrics, and feathers.

Of the inspirational designers includes Oscar de la Renta, Lam, Marchesa, and Ralph Lauren.  My two favorites?  The fabulous feather gown by Oscar de la Renta and Ralph Lauren’s beaded dress. However, they are missing one very important thing – a Cher wristlet by Brynn Capella.

Either a Windsor Rose, Slate Rock, or Seashell wristlet and you can’t go wrong with these ensembles.