Friday, July 23, 2010

Handbags, Jewelry and Clothing...Oh My!

Everybody likes to find a good sale, unique item, and free shipping! The Indie Designer Market brings handbag, jewelry, and clothing designers together for one special weekend. Come stop by the Indie Designer Market on the 1300 Block of W. Randolph St. here in Chicago. It is a Saturday and Sunday event. So come early, shop late, and save big.

We will have great prices on some of our most popular Brynn Capella bags... we have bags at 75% off! Stop by our booth and say hello. We would love to see you!

Time: Sat July 24th 10am - 5pm
Sun July 25 10am - 4pm

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Huge Summer Savings

Ali, Kelsey (the Merchandising Intern), and myself have been taking inventory. After counting every bag in the office, we have decided it is time to have a sale! Ali used her business savvy personality to convince Brynn to offer you one of a kind prices! This has never been done before!

ALL Closeout bags on the website are being sold at 75% off

ALL End of the Season bags are being sold at Wholesale.

This sale is incredible, and I know I am going to stock up on some birthday and Christmas gifts now! The sale ends Sunday, July 18th. Go to and start shopping now!

Marketing Intern

Friday, July 9, 2010

Just Another Day at the Office

Yesterday, Ali (the Business Intern) and I were sent on a mission to display all of the different ways to wear our Lauren Crossbody Fold Over Bag. We were to take pictures and create a marketing spread to send to boutiques. After 130 pictures we used 8 of them! We ran around the neighborhood all afternoon squealing like little girls! It was one of the best days at work this summer!

Marketing Intern

Let the Blogging Begin...

My name is Brynn, a sister, designer, aunt, and now a blogger. The purpose of this blog is to help people better understand our company and who we are. You will meet our staff, hear about upcoming events, and simply learn what is on our mind. We might even give you a sneak preview of upcoming designs and sales…who knows!