Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cameras, Lights, Action...

If you've been anywhere near our facebook page recently, you've probably seen all our new Holiday pictures. Yay!

It came about very suddenly, since Brynn's photographer Rod was moving, we had to make the appointment as soon as possible. He was leaving the Windy City and heading to the West Coast, sunny Southern California. Perfect timing for him!  However, Brynn being a favorite of his, he made the photo shoot happen (or maybe it could be the slight crush he has on our models).  Either way, he is a true professional!

Carla has been modeling for Brynn since 2007.  She always comes perfectly tanned, manicured and naturally beautiful.  Since Rod was finishing up another photo shoot, we got a chance to borrow his wonderful hair (Kelly Kristine T) and make-up artists (Michael Cartier Onsouvanh)!  I hope we get to use them on the next shoot too!

Since our Holiday collection is vintage inspired, we played up Carla's eyes with striking black liner and her lips were a deep red.  Her hair was teased with a long side curly ponytail.  Perfection!

Although we were under a MAJOR time crunch, the Photo Shoot came together, one step at a time!  Brynn recently had a shopping spree of dresses, that fit the girls perfectly! Although Kelly (the Design Intern) and I had never done a photo shoot before, we were quick on our feet and began organizing outfits with handbags, jewelry, shoes, etc.  And although everything was planned out, there was always last minute adjustments.

When it comes to finding ways to model the handbags, basic themes or poses, we refer to our "photo-shoot notebook." It's a book updated by the Design and Merchandising interns every semester.  Organized by size and themes.  It's full of inspiration from ads and editorials featured in InStyle, Lucky, Vogue, WWD and more. One idea that Kelly and I found perfect for the Holiday shoot was of a model holding a variety of bags stacked up in her arms. So we took the idea and made it our own by having Carla line up the Fall Cher Wristlets across her arm.  It Turned out GREAT!!

When it comes to styling the model during the photo shoot, it is good to be prepared, very timely and on your toes! You have to always be one step ahead, have outfits ready for the next shot, handbag in hand, lip gloss to freshen the lips, shoes and so on. 

In the photo above, Brynn and I are changing out jewelry for Carla. It is always little details that matter and at this moment different earrings was a must! Luckily, the dress I wore that day had two very convenient little front pockets that held all the earrings perfectly for a moment just like this one. And the Wyoming Yellow Lauren is on hand for the next shot...voila!

Par for the course, trying to get everyone set on one day, is always tough!  Angi and Veronica couldn't make it, so Brynn enlisted the help of one of her Starbucks regulars, Michelle. She just knew she would be a great addition!  We also for the first time did in-studio shots.  Nordstrom catalog here we come!
I feel both of them could be featured on America's Next Top Model. They may beg to differ, but either way they are amazing individuals with lots of spunk and personality.


Don't get me wrong, I love Jimmy Choo and Celine like the rest of you...or should I say, I admire them from afar! But really?!?!?! Even at the sale price? And although there's probably a knock off somewhere out there, I would never do that.  I am a firm believer that if you can't afford the real thing don't try to fake it.

Makes my sale feel like a steal! Well it kinda is :)  Happy Shopping, only 1 1/2 days left for 30% off our current Fall Lexington Collection!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall colors

Just saw this today and wanted to share...

I get so excited when the colors I choose for the season, match the clothing from National Designers.  Makes me feel like I am doing something right! LOL