Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fun In The Sun!

Last week we were a part of the 5th annual Chicago Sidewalk Sale at Daley Plaza. This event featured 39 Chicago designers and their products, ranging from handmade jewelry and hats to fun summer frocks. Some of our favorites are Jules, Kate Boggiano, Forme Milinery, Squasht by Les and many many more!

The event started early on Tuesday, or should I say extra early for Brynn and Elizabeth who had to arrive for a 6am set up because they were being featured on WGN Around Town with Ana! We were so excited to be one of seven chosen for this opportunity. Here's some of the footage from that morning...thanks to Ana at WGN for highlighting our "In the Navy" Lauren Crossbody bag with a great Michelle Tan outfit (model #4).

We were also offering some great deals and the women were going crazy over them! From our "Buy One Get One Free" fabric Cher wristlets to the Last Chance Allison Hobos at 50% off!

The event went very well, with lots of foot traffic to keep us very busy. Although it was a scorcher, we took turns dipping our feet in the fountain to cool off or getting Starbucks to refresh...the passion tea lemonade...yum!

As the design intern, I enjoyed talking to the shoppers about Brynn's product, highlighting the unique and beautiful attributes in each bag. So much detail goes into the handbag, (and as the design intern I get to have hands on with all of it), I can't help but share my excitement!

Overall, it was a great event, the Brynn Capella team had such a blast and we sold some great items. I mean come on, Chicago, summertime, Brynn Capella, what a great combo!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Behind the Scenes: Taste and Trend Event

Hello everyone! It's Elizabeth here to tell you all about the classy and fun event we participated in last night. The Taste and Trend event was held at the W Hotel on Lakeshore and was hosted by our friends at Left of Trend. Brynn and I packed up the red suitcase with the bags we wanted to showcase and headed over to set up. Once we got there, Jason and Jim from LOT were so helpful and we got everything unpacked pretty quick. Before we were even done getting organized we sold a Cher wristlet! The customer kept saying "I have to have this!" We agreed : )
Once we were all set up we were able to make friends with our neighbors BucketFeet and Whether Bags. We'll be next to BucketFeet at the Daley Plaza Sidewalk Sale next week so it was awesome to meet them and the Whether Bags were amazing! Eco-friendly and so cute. All of the designers, including our company, were offering a 30% discount on all products. There were also free drinks at the bar (according to Brynn they were ah-mazing!) and appetizers from the Wave restaurant in the hotel (we got seconds).
Overall the event went really well. We got a lot of interest in the bags and met great people. There were two women we talked to who both bought bags, and they were able to tell us about some boutiques that they thought we would work perfectly in. Of course, I am always on the lookout for boutiques for Brynn's bags so I had my pen and paper ready. It was great to get some input and advice from a customer. It really shows how much women love Brynn's bags and how much they can connect with Brynn and the company. We also sold one of our new Zee Satchels which we were very excited about! We love that people are wearing them out in the city and gaining interest. We adore the bag and firmly believe that everyone else should too ; ).
The event got me pumped for the Daley Plaza Sidewalk Sale event happening next week on the 19th and 20th from 9-3PM. I can't wait to meet more of our awesome customers and promote Brynn's beautiful bags.
Until next time...