Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rockstar Edtion: Behind the Scences Action!

Our major photoshoot of the season took place Friday, October 29th. This photoshoot comprised of the Rockstar line & the new Spring 2011 line. As you know this time of year in Chicago can get a little chilly out...this day was no exception. We all were freezing during the entire shoot. Unfortunately for our models they had to wear spring looks & try to look warm in the pics.

All & all they handle it like troopers!

Carla & Katelin prepping for the next shot

Angi getting ready for her last look for Spring 2011 line

Some pedestrians walking through our shot... don't worry we got the shot we were looking for!

Interns organizing handbags and clothes

Brynn putting together Carla's Spring look

Our model Veronica shooting for the Spring 2011 collection

The business intern guarding our wardrobe & bags.

Also, one of us was out there! WOOHOO! Our merchandising intern turned model!
Below is her Before & After looks of the day!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall Fashion Week: Part II

Fall Fashion Week is such a fun time, but exhausting too! Now that I survived it...I wanted to share with you some "Behind the Scenes" moments.

Studio-808 is the brainchild of Erin Creaney, a PR executive with a near-athletic enthusiasm for emerging designers.

This year, she created the first ever Accessory Style Lounge to showcase Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 accessory lines. The shopping suite was filled with fashion, fun and was the perfect place to pick up pieces to complement any wardrobe.

From 3pm - 6pm, the music was pumping, people were shopping, drinking Vitamin Water (wink wink) and having fun.

Susan Eichstaedt, of Susan Elizabeth Designs, was there with her mixed metal artistry. From rings to cuffs, earrings to necklaces, everything is handcrafted by her.

I actually have several of her pieces myself and get tons of compliments wherever I go!

Check her out online at:

Squasht by Les is another great line out of Chicago. Besides her wonderful vintage petal headbands and signature reversible hats, she has a full clothing line as well. Lesley also recently opened up her own store on the edge of Ukranian Village. Her flagship store is located at 2556 W. Chicago Ave. in Chicago.

Another great thing about events like these is that most Fall Fashion Week events are centered around clothing designers and runway shows, which are a ton of fun. But this was "the accessory designers" chance to shine!

Here's our friends Agnes of Love, LuLu Mae and Jules! Both of them with their unique, handcrafted lines and the inspiration behind them.

If you are looking for "...a piece of vintage glamour in (your) modern life", Love Lulu Mae is perfect with her beautiful collection handcrafted from antique jewels, vintage fabrics and exotic feathers.

Jules is inspired by nature. This artisan jewelry line has deep color variations of gemstones, rich textures of raw minerals and blemishes on hand-hammered metals.

We are excited to share our "Behind the Scenes" look into Fashion Focus Chicago! Stop by on Friday for a look at the Finale Runway Show presented by Style Chicago and a look at the Fashion Chicago retail event...

ps: I tried to upload video, but it's not working! I will keep trying so stay tuned...maybe Natahsa will have to help me with that on Thursday!