Friday, August 17, 2012

Holiday trend

I just fell in love!

The color blocking, the animal prints, the metallic!

Yes, I am also a shoe person, it was actually my first love before handbags...but a much harder world to dive into.  But seriously, these are awesome! 

Plus, it looks like I should be sending samples to Rachel Zoe or Rachel Bilson, since their picks look very similar to my holiday collection!

We are calling it a "Starry Night" collection.  Since it's a beautiful evening handbag collection, filled with sparkle!  Besides the classic color blocking combos, metallic snakeskin and stud detailing, we added some great neutral grey prints with pops of pink. (that's what this picture is missing...a pop of color!)

Stay tuned for more to come on our holiday collection with a sneak peak from our photo shoot!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Day at the Contractor

When I first started with Brynn, I had only worked with contractors within the company.  We work with an independent contractor; so working with them has been a whole new experience.  It has been very exciting setting up meetings with them, planning our production runs, making sure we have the materials inventory updated and ready for production, and then checking in on how the run is going.  When Brynn and I went to check up on the Fall 2012 line, they were in the process of working on sewing the Lauren Bags and cutting out the Sophie.  

To the left are the pre cut piles of Sophie bags ready to be sewn.  You can see some of the new fall colors, shown are Spill the Wine (oxblood), Imagine (blue/grey), Mary Jane (olive green), and Foxy Moma (burnt orange).  

We also went to make some changes to our overall order and some adjustments on a few bags. For example, we added a back pocket to the Sophie and changed the strap attachment on the Mini-Lauren.  Last minute changes are possible partly because we produce in Chicago!
To the right is the pile of half sewn Mini- Lauren’s waiting to be finished!  This photo shows the Spill the Wine, Mary Jane, Imagine, and To the Max (black).  There are also a few other leather and fabric colors not featured in these photos.  The contractor is hurrying to get everything done for our Liberation Collection debut next week!  Also, soon to come, sneak peek on Holiday 2012 colors!!
Your design intern Rebecca  :)